Friday, July 2, 2010

My Sweet Escape ♥

I'm going to be a senior this school year. I had not been to the beach since 6th grade. Six years without my ocean, my "take my breath away, inspiring ocean". My momma and grandma realized how much I needed to escape, and planned a surprise trip to Ocean City/Assateague Island. I was SO excited that I packed 2.5 weeks before we were leaving. It was a dream come true. Over the last couple weeks whenever I herx'd (while being delusional), I kept saying: "I'm going to the beach, I will be okay; I'm going to the beach, I will be okay." Momma and Grandma did just that.
When I stepped onto Assateague beach, I cried from happiness. The salty smell in the air, the sand giving me a natural pedicure, the waves dancing onto the shore, made me feel relaxed, soothed, and extremely happy. My little cousins ran through the waves splashing each other, laughing their way to a tummy ache. My mom and grandma stood with me, where the waves just refreshed our feet, holding hands. Three generations, holding hands, loving each other, loving life. This was a precious memory, one that I'll remember forever. Being there is just what I needed this escape from the bed I lay in all day too nauseous to move, a place where I didn't have to think before I talked which saved me from stuttering, a place where I didn't needed to be distracted from my pain. The beach was magical, and took away all of my fear and worries.
I sat on the shore line with my two year-old cousin, my aunt/bff, and my momma. I watched the waves slowly crawl onto the shore, listened to the sound that only oceans make, and watched the sun glisten on the tide.
If anything, I learned to see things differently; to see the beauty of little things; and to enjoy the small stuff. And most importantly, I questioned, "How can there NOT be a God?!"

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