Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chicken Fingers! ...ONLY

When going through one of those crappy chemo treatments, you don't have hardly any appetite. Sometimes, just looking at food makes you sick, but there's usually something that looks good to people that they can eat and only eat!

I guess it's because I'm 17? Maybe it's because I've never really dieted, and always eat the good stuff (CARBS, CALORIES, SUGAR, and FAT..Heck yes!" Anyways, I've remembered a few my wacky treats during those nasty weeks! Please note that during these periods of time, Lori Hansroth was secretly hiding nutriets in everything. No one was harmed...accept Jenna gained 10 pounds!!

Covered with snow (white powder)! For a week it was powdered donuts. Nothing more than powdered donuts. My black lab liked to stand under me while I ate them, her begging. When I was done, though eating carefully, she had snowflakes on her black fur and a white beard.

This Week: Philly Cheese-steak stuff and pudding. VANILLA PUDDING, not chocolate nor butterscotch or any of that shabang...VANILLA PUDDING

Something a little healthy? Seriously? Mom was shocked that for a week, I wanted cheesy rice caserole. Woo! But chocolate ice cream was so great too!! Give me a huge spoon, and I was a happy girl. I can't look at anything accept for those!

The power of chicken fingers. They could fight off any foods, and could save me against vomitting and starvation! Shake it, Shake it! Nahh, that really hurts (Lyme, I've had it with your shenanigans!.) Milkshakes would suffice. Mom added protein powder without my knowledge and made them taste a little funny...not happy Mother.

Brenton: "You have to eat something"
MOMMA: "PLEASE eat something"
GRAMCRACKER: "You'll lose all of your curves. Not just weight, your curves. Think about that before your actions"

Hmm, nahh. I'll eat. I promise I'll eat. I'll eat marshmallow fluff and drink chocolate milkshakes. (I doubt they liked that.)

I've had so many weeks of chemo, and somehow I always can only handle funky foods that don't make me sick to look at or vomitt. I could name so many more combos, but I think you get the picture. So, kind of, sort of, maybe trying to get a point across: During those weeks, I'm extremely sick and hurting. I can barely keep anything down, so please boys and girls don't say that I'm starving myself and force food in my face. Thanks :)

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