Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Think I can, I Think I can...

Preparing for my senior prom was no easy task, I'm not going to lie. Supermom made it a success, once again. Though she didn't think we could. None of my family thought we could.

The right shoes that wouldn't give me blisters and that I could dance in.

The best hairstyle that wouldn't show hair loss.

The perfect schedule of the day so I couldn't get worn out.

Not to mention the after-prom we held at my Grandma's house! (Mom's and Grandma's idea, such party animals! Haha!)

Making sure my AWESOME date understood my circumstances.

Predosing meds on an exact schedule to HOPEFULLY make the night successful.

...I won't leave you in suspense. It was the PERFECT senior prom!!

Part 1 of Yay! My date, is a great guy! Dinner at a BFF's house, stopping at our grandparents' houses, swinging my other friend's house, finally got to the dance.

Part 2 of Yay! We hand our ticket to the staff checking everyone in, where we see the ballot for prom court. Wow, not expecting it AT ALL, I'm on there. Win? I doubt it, but super-excited to just be on the court!!

Part 3 of Yay! We walk into the wing where the dance was being held. The decorations look wonderful. The coolest teachers/chaperones were there, having a good time along with us.

Part 4 of Yay! Tyler (my date) isn't afraid at all of dancing or looking goofy (same as me!!) No one is dancing yet, so we get in the middle and start them dancing! Impressive, Tyler, if I say so myself.

Part 5 of Yay! We looped around the room several times, seeing just about everyone, dancing hard the whole time thus far. My feet didn't hurt and none of the neurological stuff happened.

Part 6 of Yay! Time to announce the Prom King and Queen. Queen first. I'll admit...I was talking, as usual and not paying much attention. I would have bet $100 on the girl I thought would win. What? They said "2011 Prom Queen is Jenna Hansroth!" Seriously? I get my crown and my smiling, shining moment (we all know I love being in front of a crowd and am a total "ham"). Prom King is Brenton Arrington! An amazing friend! Whoa, talk about lucky! Our peers loved us enough to give us that award that secretly everyone wants. We won, had our dance, and got pictures taken. Celebrities for the night!

Part 7 of Yay! As I walk into the lobby shortly after winning my title, I hear "she got it because she's the sick girl." You're thinking how is that a "yay part'?! Because I'm starting to understand people more. I can smile on the outside, as mean as it is, because I can still think 'nanny nanny boo boo, I beat you!' And I smile thinking about all of the "congrats" I am getting along with the negative comment. I thought of Sally Fields line: "They like me! They really really like me!" That made me smile.

Part 8 of Yay! We had a fabulous after-prom party that Mama and Gramcracker (Grandma) threw. Fun games! Nacho bar! Sweat pants and hoodies! Ahh-mazing!

FANTASTIC PART: I had a great time at prom, and didn't pay for it like I did last year! I'll admit, I felt it all week, but kept chugging away. "I think I can, I think I can. Nope, I KNOW I can." Last year, prom wiped me out of 2 weeks. It was 100% worth it, but I really was knocked out. You know what all of this means, right?! Slowly but surely, I'm getting better. I don't know how long it will take for me to be back to "normal", but reminding myself of this progress makes me THRILLED!!!

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  1. Jennabug,
    Reading this makes me smile so much. You always are "finding the happy in the crappy." and throwing out positive words to everyone. I'm so glad you had an awesome senior prom, and I'm definitely glad I got close to you this year. I love you, sunshine.