Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Just the Sick Chick

Name calling isn't nice! It doesn't matter how old you are, calling someone a mean name is NOT COOL.

When I started getting really sick, missing out on school, sports, social engagements, people (old and young) didn't know how to react. They don't always know what to say to someone who is extremely ill, or just don't approach them at all. It's like we are a different kind of human. We get sorted into another kind of category, just as human races do.

I've been "bullied" I guess you could say...been called names, discriminated against, blah blah (not to the extreme of most others however). Sure, it's bothered me somewhat, it does everyone with a heart, but I try not to get mad. I pray for those people then and there; pray that they never have to go through what I have and that they learn to stop judging so harshly.

My personal name-calling favorite has always been "the sick girl". Oh the rumors that go with that title! Cancer, Alzheimers (? seriously), mentally disabled, once a rumor that I wasn't at school because I was preggo. Hmm, "the sick girl". Along with that title/stereotype, it's often thought that I am given things that I don't deserve. Hey, I'll go with it. Personally, I know that I earned it.

I'm kicking that nickname. Yes, I'm the "sick girl", but I am also.... Jenna Hansroth, non-stop talker, belly laugher, bright smiler, peppy people person, "Sunshine", constant eater, movie fanatic, vintage lover, big dreamer, faithful Catholic, 2011 Berkeley Springs Prom Queen, 2011 Miss Morgan County, and soon to be 2011 Graduate of Berkeley Springs High School.

Mmm, I'll take those names anytime! I'm almost happy that I've had people give me that nickname to an extent. I've learned to let things roll off my shoulders more and try to judge less. I hope that those kids do the same. Name calling isn't nice. No matter how old you are. And in the real world, it can bite you in the butt.

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