Sunday, May 15, 2011

My new Mission and Reminder

I love Facebook. Facebook is my addiction. Even when I can't read or write, I have Mom get on mine for me, read me "statuses, comments", show me new pictures and respond to anything directed for me.

Facebook has its great parts along with its downfalls, as most everything does.

Positives: Keeps you in contact with others, get back in touch with old friends, entertainment, a way to share what's happening in your life, a news sorce...there are many more of course, but these are probably the most obvious.

Negatives: You can get addicted (me), there's the risk of cyber bullying (never had that experience, thank heavens!), you can see people's "real personalities"- how they act when you're not face-to-face, what they think about others, and often times, their hatred towards others. That last one is probably my least favorite, but the other negative that gets to me a little is the excessive whining.

Everyone gets down in the dumps or ill, some more than others. I guess it's not necessarily the whining that gets to me, but the negativity that goes along with it.

"I'm so sick of having this cold. I want to hang out with my friends!"

"He has the flu, so we can't go to the movies tonight."

"Ugh, SO bored."

"I hate my school. HATE it."

One more haha - "My parents are making me get a job this summer. For real?!"

Now on to my mission or reminder for people... It's simple, kind of funny, and as cheesy as it is, it made me feel clever. Haha!

Find the HAPPY in the crappy.

Pretty easy to remember, right? What I remind myself of everytime I go to complain! So, let me see if I can fix those "statuses" up there.

"I'm so sick of having this cold. I want to hang out with my friends!" Let's add..."but it's a great reason to have a movie day." or "now I can catch up on schoolwork" or "at least Grandma made me her awesome chicken noodle soup"! (I'm sure there's something someone could add!)

"He has the flu, so we can't go to the movies tonight." Maybe the ending could be... "Maybe I'll head to my Grandparents house and watch one with them." or "This would be a cool chance to play a game with my brother; I haven't had time." or "Since we can't go, maybe we could skype! That might actually make him feel better!" (Just a few off the top of my head)

"Ugh, SO bored." How about... "I'm going to talk to my parents; I don't see them much." or "This'll give me a chance to clean my car out - lots of McDonalds wrappers." or best of all "I could go volunteer somewhere."

"I hate my school. HATE it." Maybe thinking this would help... "At least I have a school I can go to that has air conditioning, computers and bathrooms that work." or be thankful for what the school has given you. An education. What you need to be successful. Be thankful for the teachers, most of whom, you'll never forget.

"My parents are making me get a job this summer. For real?!" ... "BUT I'll have more money to spend to get things I want." or "Maybe I'll meet a good contact for the future." or "Maybe I'll meet someone funny - the kid from my class always talks about funny stories from him working there."

Find the HAPPY in the crappy. Sometimes it's hard to do, but sometimes it's the ONLY thing you can do. We can't change our circumstances most of the time, but we can change our attitude about it. I'm really trying my best. My past Facebook "status" : "5/15/11 Find the HAPPY in the crappy: I had treatment and feel terrible BUT it gives me the chance to look out the window by my bed and see everything going on outside. There's so much to notice when we take the time to really look." So, I'm really trying! My friends and family are too and doing great! Can you?

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