Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lyme List

No fancy writing. Not a bucket list. Not completely reaching for the stars. These are just some things that I would like to do after kicking Lyme's butt. Some things that would perhaps make me a better person, or maybe just some fun silly things to make life fun. Just a LITTLE list (I could go on for hours!)...nothing more :)

1. Go to NYC. The Big Apple. I missed the opportunity to go with my 4-H group for a weekend and long day trip with my Economics class.

2. Start a business that I've had in mind for 2 years. (Can't tell you what it is. People these days steal all ideas)

3. Start a non-profit group that I've had in mind for 15 years. (Can't tell you that either...sorry)

4. Go rappelling. I've wanted to do this since seeing a specific episode in the retired sitcom, "Growing Pains". I had the opportunity to go with 4-H, but had to decline unfortunately.

5. Live life like Mrs. Betty White's role, Rose, in "Golden Girls". Not the being blonde aspect, but the kind and innocent parts.

6. Run, dance, play the sports I used to, go for walks after rain and jump in puddles, play in the snow, etc. All of the physical things that I haven't been able to.

7. Take a life-changing mission trip. I need to have my eyes opened a lot more.

8. Teach Kara, my golden retriever, some fun and corny tricks.

9. Strengthen my faith even more and help out more with church activities. Maybe take a long kayak ride with Father Jack, my priest.


I have so many more things I plan on doing, but I'd like to know what you think I should do. Please, only appropriate comments haha :)

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  1. Perhaps take a "zumba" class with your Aunt Suzanne! God bless you Jenna...we pray for you EVERY day. xo ~ The Dudich Family ~