Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Doctors That Blew me off

Dear Pickle-headed rude Doctors (this does not include those willing to treat Lyme effectively),
I learned recently that before you start practicing medicine you take an oath to help people to the best of your ability. I'm sorry to inform you that you've broken this oath.
You probably don't remember me since you appeared to be too busy making vacation plans, talking to your realtor, or arguing with your wife that its her turn to pick up your twins from school. Let me remind you of who I am. I came to you with many symptoms...constant headache for a year, temporary facial paralysis, twitching, memory loss, cognitive problems, significant weight gain/loss, severe pain throughout my whole body, uncontrollable blood sugars, heart racing, trouble breathing, and intense fatigue to the point that I can't get out of bed.
I went a year or more with these symptoms and saw all of you specialists. Finally, my family doctor suggested that it could be Lyme Disease! Finally we found what was making me sick. After this diagnosis, I thought I'd be treated and move on. No such luck with you guys. "It's not Lyme, it's your hormones." - Cardiologist (heart was affected from Lyme) "There's nothing wrong with you except you're a teenager who doesn't want to go to school." - Audiologist (went to with hearing loss, cognitive problems, etc.) "You aren't taking your shots-- you must be trying to lose weight." - Endocrinologist (for wild blood sugar numbers) "You're a rebellious teenager and want more attention...keep your brain active and you'll feel less foggy." - Neurologist (headache, twitching, paralysis, pain, etc.) "It's in your head. There isn't any Lyme in West Virginia." - CLUELESS Infectious Disease Doctor (for all the symptoms). I could go on and on with more stories and mean quotes, but I feel you have gotten the point. I went to you for help, not because I wanted to waste my time or my parents' money.
I'd like you to know that I'm now going to one of the best Lyme-literate doctors in the world. He sees hundreds of patients a week, including some who fly in from around the world. Of all these people he treats, he puts just 20% of them on IV antibiotics. I (yeah, me!) am on a PICC line now receiving the treatment you should have given me. I'm one of those 20% of patients, meaning that I am worse than 80% of his other patients. Hmm, guess it wasn't just in my head.
Thank you for teaching me what a compassionate doctor acts like and how doctors shouldn't act. My brother is preparing to go to medical school, and has now learned how NOT to be like you. You all are booger brains.
Your friend - NOT!

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  1. Oh, girl. Finally. Let it all out and then some! The people who know and love you will be there after the ranting, crying and complaining; and the ones who aren't there are, (to stay within your blog language rules), "poopy-heads," and really deserve NO MORE THOUGHT OR EFFORT on your part. I know it's easy for me to say, but one day soon, you will look back on this and know you were strong enough to make it through. Many older (wiser? that's questionable) people just give up. The best part? Compared to what you're going through, there's not going to be too much life can throw your way that will phase you. So, scream it out or just write it out -- but GET IT OUT. Knowing people understand and validate what you're feeling will help you to heal even faster.