Thursday, November 25, 2010

"4 W's and a How".....Wow!

When? Where? Why? Who? How?

In elementary school, these were the questions we'd answer after we read a book, poem, or short story. It showed comprehension and understanding.

I'm around little kids a lot. And recently was being asked about my Lyme Disease.

"When did you get it?" --- "Not quite sure. I just know I've been sick for a very very long time."

"Where did you get Lyme Disease? Your dog?" --- "Well, I got Lyme Disease from a tick. Don't worry, you can't get Lyme Disease from your dog, but you CAN get it from the ticks on your dog! Do tick checks a lot, girls, and DEFINITELY tell your mom or dad if you find one."

"Why did you get Lyme Disease? You're nice." --- "I got Lyme Disease not to be punished, but because God knew I can handle it and stay strong. So I can tell all of you how to keep from getting it. So I learn life lessons, and become a better person.

"Who takes care of you? Who washes your arm and gives you medicine? Do you do ALL of that? You could be a doctor!! Do you have a nurse that comes to your house? My grandpa has that." ---- "I'm lucky to have my mom to take care of me. Right now, she does EVERYTHING for me. I'm too sick to do it by myself. I call her "doctor mom".

"How do you be happy? How do you stay moving? How are you being in the pageant? How can you do all of this everything?" ---- "I'm happy because I'm very lucky in many ways. I stay moving so that I don't become a couch potato and become sad. I'm in the pageant by taking lots and lots of medicines, praying that it'll be okay, and having much will-power. I can 'do all of this everything' because I have to. I don't have a choice. You have to be a fighter, right? When you get a cold, aren't you a fighter?"

I wasn't surprised at all by these questions, kind of impressed actually that they held a conversation using their "4 W's and a How". They asked me so simply. So innocently. And my answers were simple and innocent. I aspire to have the respect these kids do when asking someone questions. I hope to keep my questions simple and innocent. I want to remember the "4 W's and a How" and use it the best of my ability.

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